Protect your family with Magiclean. It kills 99.9% bacteria.


Magiclean Wiper-Dust trapped under TV Consoles/Tables

Dust trapped under TV Consoles/Tables

The dust under the TV consoles or tables gets piled up without attracting any attention. With the Magiclean Wiper’s 360° head rotation, you can wipe out this accumulated dust within a few seconds, and that too without having to stretch or squat.

Magiclean Wiper-Animal fur on the floor

Animal fur on the floor

Now you don’t have to worry about cleaning those shreds of fur that your special companion leaves around the house. Use the uniquely designed Magiclean Wiper, and conveniently clean up shreds of fur without any hassles.


Magiclean Wiper-Dust trapped under the bed

Dust trapped under the bed

Keeping your bedroom clean is crucial for your good night sleep, so you don’t want to forget removing dust trapped under your bed. With the Magiclean Wiper, you can now turn that dust infected space into a spotless area. An enhanced design with Ultra Slim Head helps you wipe out dust, dirt and bacteria from hard-to-reach places, without having to stretch, squat or shift your furniture.

Magiclean Wiper-Dirty bedroom floors

Dirty bedroom floors

You don’t usually notice it, but your bedroom floor is home to countless dirt particles and bacteria. With the Magiclean Wiper at your disposal, you can remove these rigid dirt stains, dust particles, and kill bacteria from your bedroom floor within seconds, without having to go through the hassle of vacuuming or mopping.

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